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Frequently Asked Questions 

Q1: Is there a kitchen for cooking?
A:  A fully equipped kitchen is available. It has a standard oven, microwave, stove and sinks.  You must provide your own utensils, plates and glassware. Bring Tupperware for food storage.

Q2: Will staff be available?
A: Yes, staff of the Residence Hall will help you with your needs and questions. The front desk will be open from 7:00 am to 10:00 pm Monday through Friday, 9:00 am to 9:00 pm on Saturday and closed on Sunday.

Q3: What is provided in the room?
A: Rooms have: wardrobe (two in Suites), a bed for each occupant, microwave, mid size refrigerator/freezer, cable, internet, study desk and chair for each occupant, drawer unit, shower and sink, bathroom, and AC. Students must provide own television sets, we suggest purchasing from a student on-island.  Please bring an Ethernet cord for your wall connection

Q4: What can I add to the room?
A: coffee pot, teapot, rice cooker and toaster.

Q5: Can I have a hot plate?
A: Hot plates and/or grills are not allowed for safety reasons.

Q6: Do I need to bring towels, sheets, pillow and converters?
A: Yes, bring towels, pillow and bedding.  Converters are not required. The electricity is 110 volts, the same as the U.S. Please see page 3 for bed sheet sizes.

Q7: Why is staying at the Residence Hall mandatory?
A: The living learning environment established at the Residence Hall and Residence Suites in 2003 has proven successful to promote academic success.  Based on experience of this program and other academic success studies students living in the Residence Hall have shown to be more academically successful when their housing needs are provided in an academic atmosphere ensuring a smooth and quiet transition in an international and rigorous academic setting.

Q8: Who is exempt from the Resident Hall?
A: Students who are married or bring children, or a bona fide pet.  The residence hall exemption request form must be submitted along with a copy of dependent visa endorsement or copy of your Cayman pet permit.  The Residence Suites has special terms available for married students.

Q9: Can I live in the Residence Hall with my significant other?
A: Married students may reside in the residence hall, based on space availability.  Married students will be required to live in a double room, with each person paying the double occupancy fee. The Residence Suites has special terms available for married students.

Q10: Are children allowed in the Residence Hall with parents? If not can they visit?
A: In our desire to provide an academic environment, the Residence Hall cannot have children on the premises.
Q11: How far is the Residence Hall from the School? How long by car? How long by bike? Will transportation be provided?
A: The Residence Hall is two miles from the campus. Driving will take between five and ten minutes, depending on traffic. Cycling will take approximately 10 minutes, varying based on your speed. A bus service will be provided to and from campus for as long as the students are using it. The cost is 2$ per trip.

Q12: Is there room for me to park my car?
A: The Residence Hall has limited parking space allocated on first come basis.
Q13: Are there phones in the rooms? Do I have long distance access in the rooms?
A: There are no phone lines in the rooms. We suggest that you sign up with one of the pre-paid cell phone programs the university has prepared for you. Long distance plans available.

Q14: How is the grocery store, shops and restaurants?
A: A modern supermarket is within a five minute walking distance from the Residence Hall. Restaurants, fast food establishments and shops are within a one minute walking distance.   

Q15: How long can I stay in the Residence Hall?
A: One semester is required.  It may be possible to stay longer, based on availability. 

Q16: Can I drink liquor by the pool?
A: Consumption of alcoholic beverages is not allowed in any area of the facility other than your room.
Q17: I am an adult; can my local girlfriend/boyfriend spend the night in my room?
A: You will need to register your guest according to the Residence Hall policies described earlier.

Q18: What other facilities are available at the Residence Hall?
A: The facilities include a swimming pool, outside chairs and tables, vending machines, coin operated washer/dryer, and a kitchen. 
Q19: How do I pay my residence hall fees? 
A: Full housing payment for the four-month semester is expected upfront at registration. Housing rent will be taken in advance from any loan companies before the student refund is made. Students not on financial aid will be expected to provide a check or cashier’s check for the four months (semester) rent no later than the first day of class. Failure to make payment will result in the student being removed from student housing and he/she will be placed in “not good standing” with the university.

Q20: How is my deposit handled?
A: A deposit of US$ 1,000.00 will be required to secure the room prior to arriving at the university or 500$ if you are signing for a 3 semesters contract. This deposit will be shifted to a “damage deposit” upon arrival at the residence hall. The damage deposit will be held in addition to the rent during the period that the student resides in residence hall. The damage deposit will be returned to the student given that the inspection of the room upon leaving reveals no damage outside normal wear.  If a student pays the initial deposit to secure their room and then is unable to attend St. Matthew’s University, a full refund will be made if St. Matthew’s University is informed via email within three (3) business days of submitting the deposit. Email confirmation should be sent to amarin@stmatthews.edu. If St. Matthew’s University is not informed via email of the intent not to attend within three (3) business days of submitting the deposit, it will be forfeited.  
Q21: Can I leave the RH when I choose?
A: once you have checked in, you are responsible for the entire semester fee. No refund will be issued.

Q22: How many different types of rooms are in the Residence Hall?
A: The Residence Hall has 79 standard single rooms, 30 standard suites and 8 deluxe suites.

Q23: What bed size in each room?
A: Standard single rooms and deluxe suites have a full double bed. Standard suites double occupancy rooms have a twin bed and standard suites single occupancy rooms have a king size bed.

Q24: When can I check in and check out?
A: The earliest check in date if the Friday before the classes starts.

Q25: I signed a three semesters contract, what happen if I decided to break it?
A: You would reimburse the benefit of the housing grant price per semester and lose your deposit.

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