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Frequently Asked Questions 

Frequently Asked Questions 
If you have more questions, please contact the Campus Manager

Q1: What is in the kitchen?
A:  A fully equipped kitchen will be provided. It has a cook top, microwave and fridge. You must provide your own utensils, plates and glassware. 

Q2: Will staff be available?
A: Yes, staff of the Residence Suite will help you with your needs and questions. The front desk will be open from 9:30 am to 2:00 pm and from 4pm to 7.30 pm from Monday to Friday,

Q3: What is provided in the bedroom?
A: Rooms will have: wardrobe, bed (Full double size), internet, phone line, study desk and chair, Students must provide own television sets, we suggest purchasing from a student on-island.  

Q4: Do I need to bring towels, sheets and converters?
A: Yes, bring towels and Bedding. Converters are not required. The electricity is 110 volts, the same as the U.S. It is mandatory to have bed sheets. You cannot sleep on the mattress alone.

Q5: When can I move in and when do I have to move out?
A: The moving in date is normally the Friday prior to the first week of class. The moving out date is normally the Monday after the last week of class. For confirmation, please email Mr. Guilbard at sguilbard@smu.ky . If you are committed for more than one semester, you can stay during break as long as you will be in the same apartment the following semester.

Q6: Is it mandatory to live in the Residence Suites
A: It is not mandatory to live in the Residence Suites, although the Residence Suites offers the perfect academic environment.

Q7: Can I live in the Residence Suite with my significant other?
A: Married students cannot live in the Residence Suite unless they are renting the entire apartment. Please contact Mr. Guilbard (sguilbard@smu.ky)
Q8: Are children allowed in the Residence Suites with parents? If not can they visit?
A: In our desire to provide an academic environment, The Residence Suite cannot have children on the premises.

Q9: Can I bring my pet into the Residence Suites?
A: Only cats are allowed in the Residence Suites.

Q10: How far is the Residence Suites from the School? How long by car? How long by bike? Will transportation be provided?
A: The Residence Suite is 1 mile from campus. Driving should take you 3mn. Cycling should take you around 5 minutes depending on your speed.

Q11: Is there room for me to park my car?
A: The Residence Suite has limited parking space.  Permits will be issued on a first come basis.
Q12: How are roommates assigned?
A: Roommate selection is random. Please note at the top your application the name of a desired roommate, the management will try to make it happen.  

Q13: Are there phones in the rooms? Do I have long distance access in the rooms?
A: there is no phone line in the room. You can use Internet phones. Please refer to the IT instructions before plugging any internet phone.

Q14: How far to groceries, shops and restaurants?
A: A fully equipped supermarket is a 15 minute walk distance from the Residence Suites.   
Q15: How many people can I have in my apartment for a meeting?
A: Maximum number of guest per apartment is 7.

Q16: How many people can I have in my room for an extended visit? How long?
A: The policies of the Residence Suite are: for family: 1 guest/student, one week maximum - for friends: 1guest/student, three days maximum. The student will need to check with the front desk and register the incoming guest at least a week prior to arrival date. The student will be fully responsible for the guest during his/her stay at the Residence Suite.

Q17: Will there be a charge for visit guest?
A: There are no charges for visiting guest but a time limit as described in part 8.

Q18: How long can I live in the Residence Suite?
A: >From one semester to your entire time on the island.

Q19: Can I stay my 4-8 semesters at the Residence Suite?
A: Yes

Q20: What is the Residence Suite council?
A: The Residence suite council is a student body (2 students) elected by the Residence Suites tenants. It helps management to get feedback from students through a weekly meeting.

Q21: Can I have beer and liquor in my room? Can I serve it to my guests in my room?
A: Consumption of alcoholic beverages in moderation is allowed in your room and you may serve it to your guests.

Q22: Can I drink liquor by the pool?
A: Consumption of alcoholic beverages is not allowed in any area of the facility other than your room.

Q23: Do I have to have maid service if I don’t want it:
A: Yes.

Q24: I am an adult; can my local girlfriend/boyfriend spend the night in my room?
A: You will need to register your guest according to the policies described in questions 16 and 17.


Q25: Can I come and go at any hour I wish?
A: The Residence Suite front desk will be open from 9:30 am to 2:00 pm and 4pm to 7.30pm from Monday to Friday.
At any time the security guard can ask you to provide your student ID.  
Q26: What other facilities are available at the Residence Suite?
A: The Facilities also include a swimming pool, outside chairs and tables and coin operated washer/dryer.  .

Q28: What do I need to pay on top of my room?
A: Utilities (Internet, electricity and water) and maid service is included
The laundry is coin operated. 1,75 Cayman Dollar per wash

Q29: Can I organize parties in my apartment?
A: after 10pm on week days and after midnight on Friday and Saturday, silence is required for your fellow students.

Q30: How many different types of Apartments are in the Residence Suites?
A: The Residence Suite has 40 two bedrooms apartments, 2 three bedrooms, one disabled studio apartment and one penthouse.

Q31: Where do I leave my belongings during the break?
A: You can store your personal effects on site. If you are staying the following semester, you will be allowed to keep and use your apartment during the break. U.P will require access to perform the between semester clean up and spraying.

Q32: What size of beds in my bedroom?
A: the bed size is full double (queen)

Q33: How is internet working on property?
A: you need to bring an Ethernet cable to plug in your laptop. Some areas of the RS are wireless.

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