•    Policies


1. The agent of University Properties Ltd (U.P) reserves the right to make decisions regarding apartment assignments, the right to refuse assignments and the right to terminate occupancy of residents.

2. The management, including the Board of Directors and any agent acting on behalf of U.P, reserves the right to enter and inspect an apartment:
a. when it appears that an occupant of the Residence Suite may be physically endangered,
b. when it appears that the apartment may be damaged,
c. when it appears that an apartment policy is being violated, or,
d. for periodic scheduled maintenance or inspections

3. Apartments may not be sublet, lend or rented.

4. The student agrees to use his/her room for living purposes only.

5. All rooms are tobacco-free. Tobacco products must be used outside of the Residence Suite in the designated area. Cigarette butts must be disposed of properly. Any open flames, including candles, incense and burners are prohibited.

6. Any resident inviting a guest shall inform the management at least one week before their expected arrival and register the guest at the Front Desk:
a. Guest ID will be issued, and the Resident and guest must leave proper identification at the Front Desk.
b. Students are, and will be held responsible for the conduct of their guest.
c. The management reserves the right to refuse any guest or requests for accommodations of guests.
d. Other policies relating to guests are available from management.
e. Roommate approval is required prior to the guest arrival.

7. Quiet hours shall be in effect as follow:
• Sunday to Thursday: 10.00pm to 10.00am
• Friday and Saturday: midnight to 10.00am

8. The hours of visitation in the Residence Suite are as follows
• Sunday to Thursday: 10.00am to 10.00pm
• Friday and Saturday: 10.00am to 10.00pm
Management retains the right to refuse visitation privileges of any individual requesting entry into the Residence Suite.

9. Students should carry their SMU Identification Card with them at all times.

10. The right of a student to live in reasonable privacy has precedence over the right of his/her roommate to entertain guests in a shared room. In the practical application of determining when guests should be invited in the room, common sense and respect should prevail.

11. Unauthorized cohabitation is prohibited and will result in termination of the agreement.

12. Reasonable quiet hours shall be available in the Residence Suite. It is a fundamental right of each student to have sufficient quietness to study in his/her room at any time. Quiet hours may be adjusted during Finals Week. Failure to comply with the above will be grounds for cancellation of a lease and forfeiture of the deposit.

13. The student agrees to be responsible the following maintenance requirements: malfunction/damage of appliances, equipment or property must be reported immediately to management through a Student Request Form, available at the front desk. The student shall make no alterations of any type to said property. Only University maintenance personnel are permitted to make repairs. Windows are not to be opened while the air conditioning is running.

14. Students shall use all areas of the Residence Suite and its premises, including personal property and furnishings in a careful and proper manner. At the expiration of a student’s contract, the student shall surrender the same to U.P. in the state of repair and condition in which it was received. Students shall pay for any and all damages to the room and/or its equipment and furnishings. The amount of damages and student liability shall be determined by management and shall be charged to the student’s account. The entire deposit, or any portion thereof, may, at the option of U.P, be applied against such damages.

15. The use, possession or sale of illegal substances or drug paraphernalia is strictly prohibited. Such activity is cause for termination of the Residence Suite contract. U.P and St. Matthew’s University School of Medicine have a “ZERO TOLERANCE” policy in regards to possession or use of drugs and/or paraphernalia. Such activity will result in presentation of charges by the St. Matthews University Disciplinary Committee and may include penalties up to, and including dismissal from the university.

16. There will be no changes or transfers of apartments in the Residence Suite during a semester unless approved in writing by management. If an occupant vacates a room, the remaining students will agree to accept another roommate as assigned or move into another apartment if requested by management. If students are requesting a double room and cannot find a roommate, one will be provided for them.

17. Students will have the right to choose a roommate. If arrangements are not made in a timely manner, management reserves the right to arrange for roommate

18. Cable and Internet services are provided by the Residence Suite.

19. Only full-time enrolled students have access to Residence Suite conveniences. Guests are permitted in the Residence Suite according to Residence Suite Policies.

20. When an apartment is vacated at the end of, or during a semester, room keys or cards
must be returned to management. Deposit refund will not be made until all cards or keys
have been returned. A fee of CI$ 123 may be charged for an improper check-out procedure.

21. All residents shall be responsible for their automobiles and personal possessions and should have them properly insured. U.P will not be held responsible for damages or loss of resident’s personal effects. U.P carries no insurance covering such losses.

22. Students must inquire about a parking space for their vehicle at the front desk.

23. The following are not permissible and are subject to commensurate damage costs, as applicable: painting of rooms, homemade bunk beds, lofts, overhead frames, additional walls, use of any adhesive, and contact paper or other material that may damage floors, walls or ceilings.

24. Solicitation is not permitted without prior approval of management.

25. Furniture and/or equipment shall not be removed from its original location in the complex for any reason. The loss of, or damage to furniture and/or equipment will be assessed against the student.

26. Only Cats and small dogs are allowed in the Residence Suites.

27. Students are not responsible for routine cleaning of their rooms (which is provided by management) but are expected to maintain them in proper condition. Students are expected to cooperate with the cleaning and maintenance services.

28. Coin operated washers and dryers are available only to students residing in the Residence Suite. The Residence Suite will not be responsible for any losses or damages incurred in the Laundry Room.

29. Cleaning services will be provided once a week. Students are asked to facilitate the service by removing objects from the floor.

30. If a room is inspected and found to be damaged, the student will be given a week to repair or arrange the damages. Failure to comply with this request will result in administration making repairs and charging the repairs to the student’s account.

31. Bicycles and motorbikes may not be brought into the Residence Suite and shall be parked in the appropriate area.

32. No firearms or weapons, including martial arts equipment, ammunition, fireworks, or any other weapons are permitted on the premises or in the Residence Suite.

33. Inappropriate behaviors relating specifically to the Residence Suite will be referred to Management.

34. Inappropriate behaviors that violate U.P Policies and Procedures and/or Cayman Island law will be referred to the Disciplinary Committee.

35. Policies at the Residence Suite are subject to change. Management reserves the right to modify, add, or delete policies.

We hope you stay with us will be a profitable one. We are here to provide you with, a safe and quiet environment that will enhance your academic experience.

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